3rd July.
We are pleased to welcome both Francis de Salvos Hall as Warehouse Assistant, along with Liliana Tomas, Office Coordinator to The Scheme.



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A General Meeting - 2017
Our 2017 AGM took place on Friday 17th November, where the Trustees updated the meeting on the RFS 2017 activities, including a financial update.  Final 2017 Annual Report


Visit our woodstore

At our site in Fortescue Avenue we have a large quantity of set aside timber that we have salvaged from bed frames etc  If you are embarking on a project at home why not visit us for your wood rather than a timber yard? We have lots of long lengths suitable for shelves and decking etc. Just sign in and enquire in the main office.
Solid hard wood doors available


We have a large quantity of solid wooden internal doors in our storage unit off site. These were originally samples.  They are of the highest quality.  Please enquire.