We are pleased to announce Lilliana Tomlin's promotion to Scheme Manager.  This is effective as at Friday 14th December 2018.  Lilliana has worked at the scheme during 2018 as Office Coordinator.  During this time, she has proven ability and has gained extensive skills and knowledge.
Sadly, we say farewell to Sharron Nichols.  Sharron came on board as Scheme Manager in July 2017.  She turned the scheme around with hard work and implementation of several improvements to RFS.   We wish Sharron good luck in pursuing her exciting project and would like to thank her for her significant contribution.




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Visit our woodstore

At our site in Fortescue Avenue we have a large quantity of set aside timber that we have salvaged from bed frames etc  If you are embarking on a project at home why not visit us for your wood rather than a timber yard? We have lots of long lengths suitable for shelves and decking etc. Just sign in and enquire in the main office.
Solid hard wood doors available


We have a large quantity of solid wooden internal doors in our storage unit off site. These were originally samples.  They are of the highest quality.  Please enquire.